The way we partner

Passionate partnerships are a central way of doing business at Pharmacosmos. They are also central to our aspiration to change the way iron deficiency is prevented and treated in humans and animals. Through partnerships we form ideas, develop compounds, run non-clinical and clinical trials, secure distribution chains and increase our global sales and marketing presence.

Partnering to us means co-creation, taking strides together and making sure that success is to our mutual benefit. We focus on being dependable, transparent and trustworthy – and taking the time and allocating the resources needed to foster a valuable and respecting collaboration.

We have a great track record in establishing and developing long-term partnerships – and wish to continue doing so.

Global presence

We are committed to change the way iron deficiency anaemia is prevented and treated in humans and animals – all over the world. To do that, we work focused to expand our global presence and have done so with success since 1965.

We have our own organisations in Denmark, the US, UK, Ireland, Sweden and Norway and we work through dedicated partnerships with dilligent people and capable organisations elsewhere around the globe.

We furthermore partner with the international medical community in search for even better treatments for humans and veterinary use. Over the years and continuing today, we have conducted and are conducting clinical studies in a number of countries, including the US. We drive our clinical studies out of Denmark and execute them with assistance from local contract research organisations.

We are more than 150 employees in Denmark and our affiliates in the US, UK, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.


Pharmacosmos works closely and actively with our partners around the world for the marketing of our IV iron products. We believe that the combination of our partners' local expertise within Sales, Marketing and Market Access combined with Pharmacosmos' deep knowledge of the international market for IV iron and the treatment of Iron Deficiency, is the foundation for a successful business and a solid long-term business relationship. Key words in the relationships with our partners are dedication, professionalism, long term relationships and mutual respect and understanding.

Apart from our partners being professional and competent within the marketing of ethical pharmaceutical products, we ask our partners to be dedicated to making Monofer a success in a close cooperation with Pharmacosmos, which entails that sufficient dedicated resources are assigned to the Monofer business. Furthermore, the partner shoul have existing business in some of the relevant segments, typically gastroenterology, nephrology, gyn/obs, surgery and cardiovascular.


Pharmacosmos are looking for partners for Monofer in:

  • US (Ph 3): Commercial partner. The US IV iron market alone is worth ~$636M (2014) and is expected to reach ~$1B by ~2020 and ~$1.6B by 2030. The main growth drivers are increased use of IV iron outside dialysis and transition to high-dose premium products
  • France, Italy, Switzerland: Commercial partner
  • Middle East and Northern Africa: Commercial partner including registration
  • Latin America: Commercial partner including registration


We promote our products through own sales and marketing organisations in the Nordic countries and UK/Ireland and we are looking to in-license complementary specialty care products within gastroenterology, nephrology, gyn/obs, surgery and cardiovascular.

Our focus is on complex and innovative products with IP protection and a scientific content, in registration phase or having been on the market for a number of years.


We collaborate with leading medical experts in driving research to uncover new clinical insights of iron metabolism and iron deficiency that have the potential to change the way iron deficiency is prevented and treated in humans.

We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate on investigator sponsored studies.